Tips to Clean and Organize Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most frequently used, and one of the dirtiest, rooms in the home. There are bacteria hiding in many places in your kitchen but the following tips will give you some natural ways to keep your kitchen clean along with some fun organization ideas.

Hot water is one of the best ways to keep the kitchen clean. Not only does it remove many types of dirt and debris left behind, it’s also essential to cleaning your cloths and sponges after they are used for wiping down kitchen surfaces. When plain water isn’t powerful enough, a scrapper works well for removing splatters from kitchen surfaces. Citrus is also very useful in cleaning the kitchen and can remove built up grease. Steel wool is a very abrasive cleaner and should be used carefully on certain surfaces but can work well on grime that is very hard to remove.

Quintuple herb scissors make for quick work when cutting herbs and help you avoid using a cutting board, which is just a place for bacteria to grow. A bag re-sealer helps keep everything from chips to cereal fresh and allows for less food waste. Cover Blubber also helps prevent food waste as it can fit over any re-usable container to keep leftovers fresh.

A colander with a bottom that screws on allows you to use the container as a bowl once you’re done washing the vegetables, which makes for one less container you have to keep in your kitchen. A divided skillet also allows for less clutter as you can use it to cook two things at the same time. A bottle storage system in the refrigerator can keep bottles up off the shelves and add more space for smaller things underneath. The Adjust-a-cup eliminates the need for a variety of measuring cups and helps eliminate waste.

A fry slicer is a fun gadget to have so you can always have homemade fries and not rely on frozen versions. The slicer makes potato slicing quick and easy. Another gadget to keep on your counter is a combination spoon rest and lid holder, it keeps the counter free of splatters and helps organize as well.

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